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By taking this course and doing thorough training in coastal navigation participants should be able to serve as independent duty officers in Norwegian coastal waters provided approval by the captain. This means that a Pilot may not be required for the approved fairways.

Duration of the course is 5 days (46 hrs/34 hrs simulator) and the maximum number of participants is 14.

The course covers theoretical topics and simulator exercises such as:

  • Rules and regulations
  • Norwegian maps inclusive ENC; quality, coverage and updating
  • Repetition coastal navigation
  • Fairways at the Norwegian coast including marking
  • Visual navigation, radar navigation and electronic navigation including limitations and frequent errors
  • Planning the voyage, planning techniques
  • Clearing distances, parallel indexes
  • Planning voyage in a VTS area
  • Manoeuvring in narrow waters
  • Use of pilot
  • Information about Norwegian pilot services

In order to receive Document of Evidence the participants must meet the requirement of mandatory participation and pass a practical examination by state pilot as examiner.

The course is developed according to NCA’s model course and regulations.


Course details

Course name CK 600 Coastal Navigation for Cadet PEC
Duration days 5
Cancellation limit days 14
Confirmation limit days
Valid for days 0
Start 10:00 - 24. June, 2019
End 15:30 - 28. June, 2019
Available seats Less than 10
Location Simsea Haugesund

Course price

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Product Quantity Price Total
CK 600 Coastal Navigation for Cadet PEC 1 25080 25080
CK Lunch - 5 days 1 750 750

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